1968 Dodge Dart HEMI Super Stock – Revell

dart_aThis kit should be the prime example of how “2-‘n-1” kits should be done. There are others that do this great too, like the ’70 Cuda by Revell and the ’70 Challenger by Revell as well, just to name a few but neither come close to how absolutely different these two versions can be.

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To start with, you can either build it to be the 440 cubic inch HEMI GTS with the magnum rims and rear fenders obscuring the wheels. Or, you can build it drag ready 426 cubic inch HEMI Super Stock. Granted, it’s technically not the actual Super Stock as this one comes with giant drag slicks but with the stock wheels and the raised suspension get-up you can easily go the middle ground and have the Super Stock version if you so desire with some work(and perhaps some aftermarket hubcap-less 5-stud rims).

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Engine options aren’t just cubic inches and menial cosmetic differences, they’re entirely different and accurately represented. The proper giant intake manifold for the 426(the one I made and pictured) with the twin carburetors is huge, the 440 HEMI(for reference see the Revell ’68/’69 Charger or the ’70 Challenger kit to check out that engine’s pictures) for the stock engine version is just as accurate with lots of decals and fine details, actually made choosing between the two options kind of hard! They’re both amazing!

68dart (7)The interior choices are also drastically different for either version. Stock version has a chromed out arm-rest panel and backseats(obvious!), the race version however has a emptied out rear to make place for a roll-cage with a fire extinguisher on it. Also comes with a Hurst shifter!

For the rest, instructions are crystal clear and the decal choice is huge. That being said, the decals are mostly for the Race version to make it look like it’s shown on the box, the GTS version has the HEMI stripes for on the rear, some rim decals and GTS logos.

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The Skill 3 difficulty does ring true, if you want the Super Stock/Race/Drag version you’ll have to cut out the rear fenders so it can accommodate the huge slicks, luckily they made the cut-out are of thinner plastic so it actually won’t look outta place. It’s a nice challenge to paint and build all in all. It needs to be said that it’s mostly deemed a Skill 3 kit due to it having nearly double the parts so both versions are accurate(they’re about 80 each, coming to 163 in total).

Still, this is an excellent kit. Makes for a beautiful model and with just how much detail each version gets, it’s actually worth buying it twice to get both versions.

’68 Dodge Dart HEMI Super Stock specifications:
Kit: #85-4217
Skill Level: 3
Parts: 163
Molded in: White
Scale: 1/25


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