IMG_106426 year old degenerate from the Hollands, also known as the Netherlands. That’s the more correct version. Anyway, I’m a gamer, a bit of an amateur model kit builder. Consider myself more of an enthusiast than anything.

As a kid to keep me occupied and to well, bring out the creative side in me, I used to build a couple kits here and there. But on this level? It all started when I got the idea to get one of every generation/version of Camaro, all in yellow, all lined up in sequence. And I’m still going on with that plan, progressively getting better with every model.

Now if you’re curious, I’m thick as can be and hand paint most my kits, especially those that are all gloss or matte. If its metallic paint, then I’ll resort to a spray can or an airbrush. I’m educated as a house painter so brushes just feel far more comfortable to me, as well as I feel like I’m better with them.

Why do I do this stuff? Well, part of me truly enjoys cars. Can’t drive ’em due to a lack of a license but when I’m around home, I build these little things for sheer fun. But why write about it? Well it gives me a chance to not only go in-depth about the kit, the legacy of the kit and what differences there are between releases and what-not but more often than not I just yap on about the actual legacy of the car in question.

I guess I just kinda enjoy yapping about cars and showing models of ’em whilst being a judgmental bastard. Anyhow, enjoy your stay here and hopefully I did some helpin’ in your model building endeavors!

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