rkdSo yeah, shameless self promotion time. I’d been trying to get my own decals printed for years and had designed a fair few sets for personal use and… Well, it just struck me that what was holding a lot of my projects back was just the simple unavailability of many decals. Or having a kit that has all the decals, besides a few key ones and a few folks had requested I’d help or create some stuff for them so I thought, the hell, I’ll kick it off on a bigger scale. Printed on high quality decal paper, with metallic golds and silvers, plus good ol’ pure whites and blacks and not to go even more shameless, but I’d say they’re even quite damn good.

You’ll find whatever happens to be on sale over on eBay(just search for “Rays Kits Decals” on eBay if the link ends up on a blank search), and if you can’t find a set that is listed in the gallery below – drop a comment on a blog, hell, any I don’t mind, and I’ll get back to you ASAP(especially if you comment with a registered account). Or alternatively, hit up the contact box below. Making orders of things I don’t have in stock will likely add a week or a little more to the order time as I don’t have the printing process in my control sadly!

A complete list(don’t worry all the links are coming soon – still working on it – click here to see pictures for the time being):