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Decals Update #004

Boy, has it been a while, right? Nearly what, two years has gone by? Jesus. There have been some things, some incredible changes since then. So we’re now at the second year and third month of a full blown pandemic that is going to leave a Spanish Flu or even Bubonic Plague like effect on us as a people, we’ve dealt with Brexit, we’re dealing with a Russian-Ukrainian war that’ll involve every world power some way or another, fuel prices have jettisoned into the stratosphere and we’re entering a Golden Age of modelling which is good cause at least they don’t have fuel costs, or at least directly. It’s been quite the start of the 2020s, am I right? Suffice to say, there have been some significant changes on this end of the modelling spectrum too.

We’ve got a proper webshop now, you can order my custom decals from all over the world! Streamlined the process down to a simple click-and-pay system, rather than the whole kerfuffle of contacting us, requesting what you’d want, waiting for a reply in a laughably unreliable mail system. My girlfriend Vicky has delightfully offered her services to take over about 95% of the customer relations and administration angle of it to boot, granting me a bucket load more time to spend on actually cranking out more detailed, better covered sets. So when you purchase something or when you request something, there’s a good chance you’ll be speaking to my beloved instead. Her background in customer service on a professional level is truly showing, she’s highly capable I’ll tell you that. On top of that, for roughly three quarters of a year, a lovely fellow by the name of Joe Morgan out of Wisconsin has offered to begin retailing a portion of my decals out of the U.S. From his Facebook page, he’s offering hundreds of decal sets at any given time and trust me, its worth a look. Of course, it’s a what-you-want-he’ll-get kind of gig, so at the end of the day he’ll only offer what people request.

That being said, I’m still here. We’re still here! We got nearly a hundred and fifty decal sets in stock out of the four hundred or so to pick from that can be ordered on backorder, which isn’t a half bad feat I’d say. As I just mentioned before, this has allowed me to do the stuff I truly wish to do more than ever before. Granted, it’s been busy and it still is very busy thanks to you wonderful folk who have been so kindly purchasing the decals at a breakneck speed. Still though, I’ve been not only designing entirely new sets, I’ve been upping the detail ante to the highest possible edge. This is what I have been striving to achieve, and in the near future I will be owning my own super high fidelity, professional grade printer which will allow me to get the sharpest, best looking full detail decal sheets out there. I got a new work laptop that’s the beefiest thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on just to speed it all along.

In addition to the new store page, we’ve also made ordering white letter tire decals and smaller, more affordable detail-up sets easy to purchase too. Keep an eye on both, as I’m looking to vastly expand the detail-up sets very soon! Speaking of ‘very soon’, the “Coming Soon” page now actually has a bit of purpose. I try to announce what’s in the works and what’s laying on the horizon for new sets. This is a bit of a fluid process, as if someone pre-orders or pays ahead for a set that isn’t in the works yet, logically it’ll get shoved to top priority and others may fall to the next month instead.

So, what’s been new as of late? Well… A lot, actually!

New: 1969-1970 Mercury Cougar Sets

A while ago, I finally managed to do all of the ’69 and ’70 Cougar sets I wanted to do. They’re quite beefy sets, packing all the dashboard gauges, dashboard emblems and interior details like the door lights, handles, window cranks, wooden and silver trim, steering wheel inserts, buttons and so forth. For the underhood part, it’s basically every single decal a FoMoCo lover could desire, at least with the Mercury in mind. Just about all types of engine are covered, as well as generic underhood decals like emission stickers, warnings and such. Exterior-wise, it’s the whole thing and more. Every type of emblem for the Cougar is covered as well as every potential stripe; the CJ V-stripes, the Eliminator body stripes, the Eliminator call outs and for the ’70 specifically the side stripes, the wing stripe with and without the genuine curve and the tail light black out stripe that is oft-overlooked.

New: 1970-1971 Mercury Cyclone Sets

While I was working on the Cougars, it occurred to me I’ve had a ’71 Cyclone kit by MPC in the pile for two years now. It’s incomplete, lacking the wheels and the entire engine but complete enough to get three very high detail decal sets out there. Namely, the ’70 and ’71 Cyclone Spoiler. Just like the Cougars, the same treatment offered here, with the full interior and underhood angles covered. Several extra emblems for the super crafty ones to return it back to a Montego with the Montego and Montego MX emblems as well. The dashboard doesn’t actually have the rallye gauges in the kit, however Missing Link resin does produce a proper dash with the gauges, on which these decals are based. As a little extra, I added Montego Spoiler decals in the same font and style as the ’70 and ’71 Spoiler ones, just cause they look neat. Nice little “what could’ve been”, I’d say.

The third set is a strange and unique one. I did the ’70 Torino King Cobra set ages ago, and of course it had a brother prototype in the makes back then too. Known as the Spoiler II, just like the King Cobra only two prototypes were made before the idea was shelved. Based on a part SMH or Jimmy Flintstone King Cobra resin kit, one can use this set and the back end of a Cyclone Spoiler to whip up a period appropriate, accurate Cyclone Spoiler II.

New: 1973-1974 Plymouth Duster Sets

When requested to do the ’73 Duster 340, I thought I’d immediately crank out the rather unique ’74 Gold Duster as well. The whole dash and interior is covered, especially on the Gold Duster which has the brown-to-beige white interior pattern replicated entirely. Both sets have all the requisite underhood, interior and exterior details one could need and then some. The ’70 and ’71 Duster 340 sets will see some loving too soon, getting equally detailed as these.

New & Revised: 1977-1979 Firebird Trans Am Sets

The month of March is what I’ve begun calling “Firebird March”. I’ve spent every day until the 7th of March creating the print files for the last month’s orders. Among them were some requests for a ’79 Firebird. It wasn’t even a problem if I didn’t do the pinstripes, but… Well, I’m a sucker for good, well filled sets so I just made the whole thing as a result. It kicked off the production of just about every single Firebird set I can muster. With this month’s attention being primed at the latter half of the seventies. As you can see above, it’s a fair start indeed. This also allowed me to revamp the very popular ’77 Firebird T/A S.E. with higher detail too. The regular ’73-’78 Firebird is there too, named the ’77 for archival reasons, the Herb Adams ’78 Fire-Am and the pièce de résistance; the ’79 Firebird T/A 10th Anniversary. It’s a set of biblical proportions, easily my biggest yet with all those pin-stripes.

The whole dash is replicated with a finish that looks a lot like the metal finish in real life, every gauge, every button, every switch, everything. Its all there. I’m quite excited to keep this train rolling and see all the Firebirds through in a short time. Check the “Coming Soon” page for the progress.

Revised: 1979 Ford Bronco Freewheelin’ & the 1979 Ford F-150 Speedway

Two of the most requested sets, bar none. It’s high about time I do them justice, right? They were good already, very good but they lacked a little on the super detail front. Namely, the dashboards and interior could use a little touch up. So, I did! Both sets now pack the interior decals like the dash cluster, the wooden trim for the Bronco and the red trim for the F-150, both now have seat decals and door decals and best of all, the unique body stripes are now factory accurate. I overlooked the F-150’s orange stripe and the Bronco was a tad too dark on the reds. Now, they’re both perfect.

So… Yeah, thank you. Thank all of you who visit this page, who purchase the decals, who use them and show us their absolutely epic creations. This is the start of something amazing. I owe it to you guys. I’ll stop being a twit here now and actually get back to business. These posts will be more frequent, as will regular ol’ kit articles, thanks to Joe Morgan and my girlfriend Vicky’s huge help.

Until soon!

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