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Decals Update #005

First, Some Bad News

So, this is gonna be a tough one to write. This last week’s been a hell of a ride, on myself and Vicky. Last Friday on the 18th, Vicky suffered a stroke. Ordinarily she handles all of the email contact so I can stay more focused on the day to day things, so after I come home from work I can focus on designing new sets as often and quickly as possible. She also handles all of the orders essentially, giving me a order ticket to work down and effectively she’s made herself extremely essential in making this all work better and quicker. When the stroke happened, the last thing I had on my mind was making sure that the orders would go through and whatnot but that’s not an healthy attitude. Instead, I opted to cut making new sets out of the workload for a while so that I can shoulder the work she’s done all this time as well as take care of the poor woman who’s been bedridden and recovering since then.

Lots of folks have reached out, either seeing the message on the ‘Coming Soon’ page or after I had personal contact with them and seriously; all of your well wishes mean the damn world to us. Vicky’s conscious, she’s recovering but it’s a long, long road ahead of us. But each of those kind messages gets us along just a little smoother, so seriously – thank you, all of you, who reached out. You guys are the damn best, and share enough warmth in this hobby to get any person through a cold winter.

I’m still working the orders, still making sure that the process can keep going. So far it’s manageable, especially with me having shelved the creating of new sets for a while(turns out, researching, designing and making sure everything fits is a ton of work, more than I ever really thought it was) and I reckon I can manage until Vicky’s back in action. I’ll be doing the quality control, packaging and shipping by myself as well, so that process might take a little longer too now. Everything’s a little uncertain but I’ll be very clear that when you’ve spent as much as a dime with us; we’ll see it through, that’s the only fair thing to do. You will get your product, no matter what.

We’ve also been experiencing some issues with the PayPal checkout button malfunctioning, causing failed orders to happen. If this ever happens to you, feel free to contact us and we’ll set it straight for you no problem.

About The August/September Print

Now the second half of the bad news. As you might’ve seen and wondered, the September 5th print was delayed due to the printers having run out of decal paper stock around a week after having placed the order. Since then, they’ve reached out a few times to explain why it was all taking so ungodly long. First, they of course ran entirely out of decal paper to print on. They have scheduled refills but their supplier had logistical issues and couldn’t replenish it in time, leaving a week and a half where they couldn’t do any printing. Since then, their ALPS printer had also been sent off for repairs that took longer than expected. This is easily the longest we’ve ever had to wait for the decals to be printed and shipped back to us and gotta admit, together with the stroke; it’s been one hell of a shitty month.

I thought I would use this blog to quickly inform those who have been waiting for anywhere between 3 weeks and up to 8, and apologize to each and every last one of you. I wish I could hurry them the heck along but it’s just a waiting game. Downside of having to use an external company is really making itself a glaring one as of late. It’s hard to say just when in the coming week they’ll be headed our way, but they said it should be shipped in the coming days. The October 3rd people however should have nothing to fear, unless I’m damning myself to even more future problems by saying that. Better go and find me some wood to knock, huh.

Also, since this is technically a decal update in the broadest sense I may as well go ahead and display the latest sets that have been added. They’re the last new ones for the foreseeable future, I was two thirds of the way through the 1/8th scale Firebird when this all happened. I’m still so sorry that those who were waiting for the new sets will have to be disappointed. I’m hankering to get started as soon as the situation will allow me.

New Sets: ’69 GTX & ’69 Roadrunner

These are designed for the AMT Ertl kits, but should fit the Jo-Han kit as well with reasonable accuracy. I figured I’d go all in on the exterior and interior detail on this one, as it was not only requested but the plenthora of AMT Ertl ’69 GTX kits really have a very lacking decal sheet but lots of opportunity for good detail work. There’s all the decals to make any bare bones version of the Satellite, as well as all the emblems for the Satellite, GTX and Roadrunner versions. Specifically between the two sets, the Roadrunner has the adjusted dash that doesn’t have the clock, the black dash and door panels as opposed to the wood one and several extra versions of the underhood decals, the stripes and the Roadrunner/Coyote call outs.

New Set: ’67 Pontiac Firebird

A simpler but still very detailed set for the Revell ’68 Firebird. It has the accurate H.O. stripes(that can be ordered without the H.O. if required), the dark burlwood patterns, the trim for the rocker covers, the fender gills, the tail lights and so forth. On top of that? All of the exterior emblems and all of the underhood decals one could friggin’ wish for!

New Set: ’69 AMC SC/Ramblers

For the Jo-Han crowd, two massive sets of the Hurst SC/Ramblers for both the A and B-schemes that were available in 1969. While the kit doesn’t carry the right body details and dash for a ’69 but rather a ’66, I still made the dash accurate for a ’69. With a bit of fenagling and plastic wrenching, you can turn it into a proper ’69 with the decals. On top of that, all of the underhood, exterior and interior decals are accounted for. Sooner or later when our personal situations improve, there are more Rambler sets in the works.

Updated Sets: ’74-’81 Camaros

The last month I’ve been trying to not only fix up but further exaggerate my love for the ’74-’81 Camaro era. They were loud, they were colorful and they were woefully under detailed. While still missing the ’79 and ’76 Bumblebee and AHC-100 revamps, these five sets have been updated and available in a plethora of pre-designed color options. They carry all the emblems, all the interior decals, all the underhood decals and more to fully flesh out any MPC kit of the era to a crazy degree.

There’s also a lot more but I’ll keep it with this for now. There’s also new Monte Carlo sets and around 25 new white letter tire decal sets have been put on the shop, so feel free to browse to your hearts content. I am so sorry for the delays, the slowdowns, the personal situation turning this dire and so forth. I’m looking forward to the future where everything’s back to usual, but for now it’ll be a tough ride, especially for Vicky. Again, thank you for all your well wishes and hopefully she’ll be contacting you again about your requests and purchases herself!


  1. One day at a time man. Thoughts and prayers out to you and your wife. I had the pleasure of purchasing the Lil Red Decals from your partner on Facebook and the quality is barnone! Will be doing business with him in the near future. You dont know me, but i have compassion for folks especially going through some bumpy roads. It will get better for you as the days progress. All we are meant to handle is one day at a time. Dont stress over anything. If i know most people they will be willing to wait for the best like i did. Cheers.

  2. So sorry to hear about Vicky, Ray. We send both of you our best wishes and hope for a complete and speedy recovery

  3. Keeping Vicky in prayer as well as You to get over and thru these times…All things (especially perfection) done in their day and time. No worries 🤗

  4. Ray, I had no idea Vicky suffered a stroke as we were emailing back and forth about the decals. I just read this update. Vicky is in my thoughts an prayers and hope for a speedy recovery. And for you as well , sounds like a tough road ahead for a while.
    Best Regards

  5. I along with many I’m sure ,are praying for Vicky’s full recovery . Please know she will be in my daily prayers .

  6. So sorry for your troubles Ray. Wishing your wife Vicky a speedy and complete recovery. The decals are the least important, her health is your number 1 priority. But I do thank you for the update. Take care, eric kopa

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