1969 Plymouth Satellite Roadrunner

$ 27,50

Designed and fitted for the AMT Ertl ’69 Plymouth GTX kits in 1/25th scale. They should fit a Jo-Han kit too, though can’t say for sure.


The set carries all the details and a plethora more to fully detail the kit inside and out. It contains all of the underhood decals and emblems for a fully kitted out ’69 Roadrunner, including the decals for the Satellite, Sport Satellite and Belvedere. It also has the Roadrunners for ’68 and ’69, the hood filters and emblems and the Roadrunner only air cleaner decals. For the interior it has the entire dash without the wood panel(though is included still, not pictured), the gauges, the lower instrument panel, the center console woodgrain, the door panels in woodgrain(can be added upon request) with silver trim, all of the buttons, cranks and even a set of seatbelts. For the exterior aside from emblems, there’s two types of rear panel decals for the Sport Satellite and the GTX and the upper body stripes by default in black but pre-available in white, silver, red and gold as well(and any color you want, feel free to ask!).