1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 10th Anniversary Edition

$ 32,50$ 115,00


1/8th: Absolutely massive set, well over half a meter/two feet of nothing but decal paper and even more for the Monogram and Revell 1/8th Firebird T/A kits to replicate a beast of a unit with. It has all the kit included decals either upgraded or simply patched to be period accurate like the both years underhood decals, dials and gauges and so forth. On top of that, it carries several extra decals like fuel door emblems, serial numbers for the tail light, extra detail decals and way more. It’s a very pricey set on account of the amount of printed material, but well worth the investment.

1/25th: Huge set for the MPC 1979 Firebird kits in 1/25th scale. This set packs all one would need to replicate the unique 10th Anniversary edition Firebird T/A with the unique pin-stripes and modified hood bird. It contains all the pinstripes, the interior details and more to make your kit all the more accurate. Be aware, this is definitely a more difficult set to pull off. The hood bird and upper pinstripes border a darker gray tint on the real car. It’ll be some effort to make the transition work perfectly with the decals.

Tip: When placing the hood bird decal, ensure the hood is taped to the body so that the decal can set across the fenders. When its properly set, slice through the decal on the gap and use more decal solvent to set the now cut decal onto the hood and fender.