1970 Plymouth Satellite GTX

$ 30,00

Designed and fitted for the Revell/Monogram 1/24th scale Plymouth Roadrunner/GTX kit. A 1/25th scale version can be made available, though I cannot guarantee the fit to be perfect.

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The set carries all the details and a plethora more to fully detail the kit inside and out. It contains all of the underhood decals and emblems for a fully kitted out ’70 Roadrunner, including the decals for the Satellite & Sport Satellite. It also has the GTX hood bulge indicator/emblems. For the interior it has the entire dash, the gauges, the lower instrument panel, the center console woodgrain for both the auto and manual shifters, the accurate yellow-toned wood dashboard(and a black one), the door panel silver trim and wooden GTX panels, all of the buttons, cranks and even a set of seatbelts. For the exterior the GTX stripes are covered of course, all of the emblems, the rear blackout and trunk trim and a whole lot more.