1998 Pontiac Firebird Ram Air – Revell

98firebird1Another one of the late nineties kits from Revell, this one in particular’s from 1999. I can tell you right off the bat, don’t get this one. It’s a fine kit, it really is! But, they’ve remade the kit through the Motor City Muscle line in 2008 again and you can avoid a lot of the flaws the ’99 kit has. Look for one with a silver colored Firebird on the box.

They run about the same price on eBay generally and aren’t a huge rarity. Far as I can tell, the whole kit is the same besides newer and clearer instruction sheets and much better printed decal sheets that can stand the test of time.

98firebirdnew (1)

98firebirdnew (2)So, onwards! Why am I telling you to avoid the ’98/99 release and opt for the much more recent release of the same kit whilst saying this kit isn’t bad? Well simple, besides the plastic warping somewhat over the years, the decals on the car are pretty fundamental in getting the result looking fine. Like the Firebird emblem on the rear lights and with the pre-2000s decal sheets being on white sheets that turn a dingy yellow color over time, they’re a right bastard to work with. So if you’re after the ’98 Firebird, get the Motor City Muscle one.

But to get down to brass tacks, much like the real car, this is just a Camaro in Pontiac clothes. The engine is the exact same 5.7L LS1 V8 as the ’98 Camaro kit has and the
bodywork is also very similar to the Camaro. Hell you might get some strong deja vu moments when you go through the part racks and spot the Camaro intake and such. 98firebirdnew (4)Though like I said, the real life similarities are just as common here. It all fits like a glove, the Camaro mold holds up and the Firebird parts look and play the part, sitting exactly where you want them to without lots of force or tape needed.

The interior quality is superb, molded fantastically and with some Google image searches you can do a pretty damn solid job at replicating it.

98firebirdnew (3)

This is where the niggles of the old kit come into play, like the decals that aged as well as milk. They fall apart at the faintest touch so clearing the decals of the dirty white
98firebirdnew (7)surroundings is a nightmare task I quickly gave up on, decal solvent worked to at least turn them semi transparent for they were a ugly cigarette-smoked-wall yellow before. The rubber of the wheels had gone rock solid, which in turn forced me to actually jam the rims and wheel casings into the rubber with a hammer.

The newer kit addresses those issues plus also giving you more options for it’s a 2-in-1 kit so, there’s that! But still, I did enjoy making it and besides the fact that the decals look God awful, I am more than stoked to have it around with the rest.

’98 Pontiac Firebird Ram Air specifications:
Kit: #85-2539
Skill Level: 2
Parts: 94
Molded in: White
Scale: 1/25


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