Blog Update #005 – Year in Review II

It’s been my second year here on this website, something that kinda still is just my on the side hobby combined with some showing off and writing about it, it’s still fantastic to find out that there’s actually quite some folks out there that are interested in this!

Being able to spread the love for the detail this year was a good highlight, with the “Modeling Supplies” page getting a ton of views and the storefronts of the folks I adore for making the model world a little more unique with every item sold, they’ve been getting a fair few extra clicks! The variety of models I’ve been capable of doing this year was nothing short of tremendous, from getting all the Anniversary Camaros, to a handful of Malaise era victims, to some Japanese domestic market vehicles like the Hilux and the Silvia S13, and of course a ton of good ol’ American powerhouses.

Another thing is that since a month or so I’d been making and selling my own decal sheets, something that I’d wanted for over a year and finally managed to dive into and whaddya know; it friggin’ well worked out! Goddamn do I love this hobby and I hope that my love and desire for this hobby helps you out, whether it is creatively or through the assets of what I created, either way keep on building!

Jesus… It just hit me as I’m editing the image table that I built 59 just this year alone. Well, holy hell. Anyhow! Here’s hoping the third year will be just as eventful, fun and good for us all. God knows I’ve got well over thirty kits sitting around ready to be built and five of which are being worked on as we speak.


92pontiacfirebirdformula-2 68elcaminoss396-5 90cougarxr7-6 76camaronew-1
92camaronew-2 1997camaroz2830thanniversary (4) 2002camaro35th (7) 2012camaro45th (21)
2016camarossfifty (8) 1987camaroirocz (15) 1981camaro (1) 84oldsmobilelsx442-10
2003nissangtrr34 (10) 69oldscutlass442w30 (13) ralliartlancerx-11 1979camaroz28black (11)
1973cougarxr7 (8) gmcsierra1977 (4) 1968dodgechargerRT440_daytime_cloudy (19) 92tbirdsc (3)
gmcvandura (10) 1970cuda440_6 (23) 1970mustangboss302 (20) 1980dodgeramcharger (14)
1987buickregalgrandnational (16) 69dodgesuperbee-10 1980chevycitationx11 (11) 1980plymouthvolareroadrunner (2)
1981dodgeomni024 (9) 1970AAR_Cuda (18) 1993chevrolets10 (13) 1976spiritof76_dodgedart (4)
1970GSX_raised (4) 1980firebirdtransam (4) 1991silviaS13 (5) 1971superbee (23)
1979novacustom (18) 69novayenko-5 1987MonteCarloAerocoperedux (22) 1971plymouthduster340 (14)
2005cadillacescalade (7) 69chargerdaytonahemi-4 2012chevycruzeturbo (17) 1977montecarlolandau (5)
1987ElCaminoSS (8) 1970dodgecoronetsuperbee (18) 1990mercedesbenz190E_2-3_16v (15) 1990chevyberettaGTZ (18)
1994toyotahiluxdcab_4wd (16) 2009fordf350SD4x4 (27) 1970dodgechargert426hemi (11) 1980montecarlo (13)
1983chevycitationx11 (25) 1970plymouthGTX440_6 (10) 1974ChargerRallye (18) 2007dodgechargersrt8SuperBee (20)
1991GMCSycloneMarlboro (19) 1993JeepGrandCherokee (19) 1984oldshurstolds (15) 2017CamaroSS1LE (8)

Merry Christmas and a happy new year y’all!


Blog Update #004 – Year in Review

As I said a couple times before, I don’t generally end up blogging, given this is only the fourth time in well over ten months. Though when I think about it, it’s nice to have a nice overview over all the things I’ve ended up building this year.

And I gotta admit, it’s kinda nice knowing that the visits have picked up speed and that apparently, some folks like getting a look at what a kit’s all about without seeing the racks and all. I thank all you guys that ended up taking a gander, I hope it made your creativity spike some and such! Lord knows I’ve come a hell of a long way this year, from barely being able to get some smaller details down all the way to appropriately wiring up model cars. ❤

83camaroz28-10 70transam-9 1979chevroletelcaminoss-10 71gtx-5
20161128_084924 70superbirdnew_1-9 66gto_1-3 69camaross396-7
75grantorino-14 72oldsmobile442-2 2016camaross-11 71cuda_new-12
74roadrunner-5 elcamino_new-1 69chargerdaytona-9 71dodgecharger_new (5)
70cuda_new (4) 69pontiacgtojudge (9) alfaromeo155dtm (8) 98firebirdnew (6)
69chargernew (7) 70torino_new (1) challengernew (1) 1969oldsmobilehurst-1
70chevelleSS (2) 70challenger_new (2) 91chevy454ss-2 1977firebird (14)
68pontiac_new (2) yenkob 70buick_new (2) 79camaro
s10c 83hurstolds (8) 68dart (3) 90mustang (7)
87montecarlo1-3 2013camarozl1-1 70camaroz28_new nickey2

Merry Christmas and a happy new year y’all!