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Blog Update #004 – Year in Review

As I said a couple times before, I don’t generally end up blogging, given this is only the fourth time in well over ten months. Though when I think about it, it’s nice to have a nice overview over all the things I’ve ended up building this year.

And I gotta admit, it’s kinda nice knowing that the visits have picked up speed and that apparently, some folks like getting a look at what a kit’s all about without seeing the racks and all. I thank all you guys that ended up taking a gander, I hope it made your creativity spike some and such! Lord knows I’ve come a hell of a long way this year, from barely being able to get some smaller details down all the way to appropriately wiring up model cars. <3

83camaroz28-10 70transam-9 1979chevroletelcaminoss-10 71gtx-5
20161128_084924 70superbirdnew_1-9 66gto_1-3 69camaross396-7
75grantorino-14 72oldsmobile442-2 2016camaross-11 71cuda_new-12
74roadrunner-5 elcamino_new-1 69chargerdaytona-9 71dodgecharger_new (5)
70cuda_new (4) 69pontiacgtojudge (9) alfaromeo155dtm (8) 98firebirdnew (6)
69chargernew (7) 70torino_new (1) challengernew (1) 1969oldsmobilehurst-1
70chevelleSS (2) 70challenger_new (2) 91chevy454ss-2 1977firebird (14)
68pontiac_new (2) yenkob 70buick_new (2) 79camaro
s10c 83hurstolds (8) 68dart (3) 90mustang (7)
87montecarlo1-3 2013camarozl1-1 70camaroz28_new nickey2

Merry Christmas and a happy new year y’all!

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