1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS “NICKEY” 427 – Revell

nickeycamaro_0The Nickey Camaro’s finally come around, luckily done by Revell. Another new milestone for Revell is this being the first of the supposed “new skill level” 5. So yay, one of the harder kits right off the bat!

However, this is literally the ’67 Camaro SS Revell kit done in a different jacket, granted since the Nickey is a variation upon the car itself. But it’s been 5 years, you’d think they fix problems that plagued that kit before using it as the template for another, with wheels that don’t for the life of me fit no matter the force you put on them. The rear valance not fitting no matter how much tape you use. But, those are the only issues I came across, for the rest the kit is downright amazing. Well, bar some decal problems but suppose that comes with the difficulty.

nickey3So far this is the only kit that Revell has put out that features a Camaro with the closed grille and this actually marks the moment that the only dealer specialty model that we’re missing is the ’67 427 Dana Camaro.

On the outside, the kit is pretty daunting to put together. But it’s pretty damn faithful all the way down to the engine being of the correct color(yellow) and the interior being a tier higher than the standard SS model, also part of the Nickey option. Single bar tail lights, Nickey decals and the unique Rocket SS rims are all faithful representations of the ’67 Nickey Camaro. So honestly, this kit does accuracy really, really well.


My problems with the kits were returning problems from the ’67 SS kit as mentioned before, however they did improve here and there with some things. Such as much sturdier and better fitting engine struts, the interior actually slid right into the body without a hassle or having to forcefully fit stuff, the one thing I didn’t quite like was the mirror and the mirror stand being two separate pieces, putting them together felt like I was attempting to connect them at a molecular level.

The kit features a huge decal sheet, with seat decals, a ton of Nickey decals, three colors for the stripes(red, white and black), locks, SS logos, even down to the little three dials and the radio on the dash. It’s really impressive.


Speaking of decals, I mentioned before that I had some issue with applying the tiny stripes that follow the curves on the side. They are absolutely tiny and even with decal solvent, some soap and warm water they were a fight to get right. But like I said, suppose with this degree of difficulty, it’s something you gotta overcome.

All in all, this kit is beautiful, even though I couldn’t quite get the wheels in as deep as they should go, it’s still just… gorgeous. If I wasn’t making every Camaro I get my hands on yellow, I’d have made this metallic blue just for the sake of beauty. Props to Revell for this one, despite the issues here and there, it’s all worth it.

(Edit August 11th, 2016: Added some new clearer pictures since this is one of my most popular posts!)

’67 Chevrolet Camaro SS “Nickey” 427 specifications:
Kit: #85-4377
Skill Level: NKS5
Parts: 128
Molded in: White
Scale: 1/25

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