1993 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 – Monogram

93camaroaSo I already made a ’93 Camaro in the Indianapolis 500 livery once before and came to the realization that it didn’t fit the all yellow line up of Camaros I got with the black and white paint scheme, so I decided to give it a stock go at some point.

It turns out these kits are from 1993, but despite that they’re going for somewhere between 15 and 20 dollar on eBay at pretty much all times, so bought a second one on the cheap, brand spanking new!


93camaro1In preparation I dug up my old 2002 Camaro SS 2-in-1 kit and decided to take the decal sheet and the left over 25th Anniversary rims, which make it look a hell of a lot more sporty than the stock ’93 rims that were… quite meh. In 1994 the Z/28 got some nice 5 spoke wheels instead but regrettably the ’93 still had the boring hubcap looking rims.
However I still tried to make ’em look fancier, all black with a red rim, thought it looked pretty good but I stuck with the more sporty and cleaner looking 25th Anniversary ones instead, slapped some Goodyear Eagle ST tires on it and took the red Z/28 Chevy logos from the 2002 Camaro kit and put ’em on the rims.


Some other decals that I got from the 2002 kit were the Z/28 decals on the side and the tail, the only stock decals I needed were the engine ones and the Chevy logo on the front. It’s nice to have spares! The 22 year old age of the kit shows through though, got a fair bit of panel gap with the hood cause the age of the plastic warped the front bumper a fair bit as well as the chassis. So the front isn’t as clean looking as I’d have liked and the ride is faaaairly high due to the warped chassis.


Engine detail in the 1990s kits from Revell and Monogram were top notch, so with this kit it’s also hugely detailed and pretty, making for a nice car to leave the hood open on.

All in all, the stock version with some outside help from another kit is a hell of a looker, shame there wasn’t another T-top decal I could’ve used but I’m totally content with the all satin black roof. Happy to have this one along all the other Camaros at last.

’93 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 specifications:
Kit: #85-2964
Skill Level: 2
Parts: 85
Molded in: White
Scale: 1/25


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