1990 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 – Revell

90mustang (1)This is one of those great kits that come up from Revell’s headquarters every now and again. The kinda kit that’s extra packed with options, extra detailed and in the end truly comes together like a showroom replica of the car itself. It’s a more difficult skill 3(or as it’s nowadays known: 5), packs more parts and comes this much closer to being the real deal, just smaller.

It’s also a rare case of a police car done well, without focusing on the over the top shotgun-in-the-back-CB-in-the-front obvious catches, it’s got all the checks requested by the California Highway Patrol for the Mustang SSP; spotlights on the window frame, a interior red light, two siren lights on the platform behind the rear seats, CB unit on the dash, chrome dishes on the blacked-out wheels, proper CA Exempt plates, it even has the in-itself extra of turning a regular CHP cruiser into a K9 unit. Hell the only thing that it’s missing, and believe me it’s a giant stretch when I say this, is a CB antenna. Don’t let the box art fool you, it’s even better than that.

90mustang (3)

I on the other hand made it a regular LX 5.0, I like the car a lot more as a regular old90mustang (6)
Mustang. Just needed to be said just how unbelievably well Revell has done the CHP Mustang, one of the CHP’s favorites.

All in all, it was a pretty difficult build. In the good sense, that it’s very detailed in the interior, in the engine bay and underneath the whole thing. Complicated suspension, detailed engine, so on. Usually kits forego the suspension cause it’s usually not directly visible but this one? The 90mustang (7)whole package. The only thing about this whole kit I didn’t like is the stock wheels the LX 5.0 comes with.

I could’ve sworn the Mustang of that era comes with 5 spoke wheels, could’ve been the fastback version only having those, not sure. But I ended up replacing them with some absolutely giant wheels from the second version of the ’70 Cuda kit by Revell, which happened to perfectly fit cause both share the metal pins that go in the axle, they almost hit the wheel wells now but, somehow it still works.

90mustang (5)

I’m still contemplating anodizing them so they’re at least no longer chrome, but for now it 90mustang (11)will do just fine. The interior detail is really, really strong too. Stronger in the CHP version obviously due to the extra little bits, but even then, with some paintwork it looks borderline real. It’s got a bit of a weird mount for the arm-rest but that’s just me being a nitpicker.

The engine bay on the other hand is also a thing of beauty, the V8 got the detail it deserved. The giant air-intake unit on-top, the distributor mount, it looks great with some decent paint work. I must’ve done something wrong cause my engine block is angled a bit backwards, it looks sorta odd but what the hell, it’s finished!

90mustang (2)

Revell did a extraordinary job with this one, once the wheels are anodized this beauty gets the shelf space it deserves.

’90 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 specifications:
Kit: #85-4252
Skill Level: 3
Parts: 86
Molded in: White
Scale: 1/25


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