1970 Buick Gran Sport GSX – Monogram

buick8There’s only a handful of Buick models done by Revell/Monogram, the ’87 Regal GNX and ’70 Skylark Gran Sport GSX are the front-runners of them. It’s a bit bulky and the wheel arches don’t quite line up with the wheels but no biggie, it’s still a lovely model.

Engine detail wise it’s really great, fair amount of chromed parts as well as the famous colossal air cleaner for the GS455 Stage 1 engine. The interior doesn’t have a lot of detail inherently but with some fine paint work and a silver-tip paint marker you can fairly easily make it look fancy since the mold of the model is really, really good.

70buick_new (1)

It comes with both 1970 stock decals options for a yellow and a white body(the only colors available with the actual car of the time), though that being said the yellow hood stripe doesn’t match up with the color they suggest you paint the car with. Also would’ve been nice if the black stripe on the hood was a decal as well, since the vents have some body color around them and the vents themselves being matte black. But I suppose it’s nitpicking.

70buick_new (5)

buick7Another few nitpicks I have are that the stripe decals on the side don’t actually fit over the door handles and that it’s missing the lettered tires. I suppose it’s probably a licensing thing that getting Goodyear Eagle ST or BF Goodrich Radial T/A tires would be too much but, it looks a little bare without. However, long after I build the model I bought some white letter tire decals from Fireball Models in the 1/24 scale and now it looks up to standard.

Also the hood doesn’t quite… fit. It sits too loosely so budging it up with something is possible but it’ll slip out of its sockets very easily.

But in the end, the model is beautiful and a fair bit of a challenge to make it all look true to life. Definitely worth the cash.

’70 Buick GSX specifications:
Kit: #85-4030
Skill Level: 2
Parts: 85
Molded in: White
Scale: 1/24


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