1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 – AMT Ertl

70camaro7First off, it needs to be said – This entire kit is orange, fluorescent orange even. Normally AMT kits come either molded in white or pre-advertised as colored in some shade, but this has no mention of it being orange on the box aside from the finished model on the box. So you’ll have to do what I did and coat the entire thing in a thick primer if you want it in any other shade besides the safety-jacket orange. I managed to get mine the yellow I desired with a coat of primer and two coats of yellow before the orange had finally been buried. And just to reiterate that once more; the ENTIRE 70camarokit is orange. I can’t stress this enough, there’s four chrome parts(front bumper pieces, tail bumper and the grille, that’s it.), the bits you’d expect to be chromed along with the others carburetor, the rims, the mirrors, all orange. Oh also, the instructions mention nothing about paint so good luck, search the web for images of the engine bay and interior, that’s a suggestion I can give ya’.


They’ve done a ’70 Baldwin Motion Camaro kit before this one, and this kit is using that mold with some edits. There’s still the holes for the side exhaust pipes and the separate raised rear suspension is still in the racks. However, the other kit has chromed out wheels, mirror lenses, rear-view mirror, headers, you name it. Why doesn’t this one?

70camaro3Another downside to the kit is that most of the parts get positioned by squeezing a prong into a hole, normally no biggie right? Well even if you were not to paint it, for me only two of the parts actually fit in the designated holes, the rest all either needed to be shaved down some or have the prongs cut off all-together(this is the worst with the exhaust system, the whole thing just doesn’t fit.).

In the end, the result is still really pretty, it’s also the only stock 1970 Camaro kit on the market that actually looks the way it should and goes together well without just falling apart. It comes with decals for the stripes in black and white, decals for the dials, it has some neat padded tires that you can give the white lettering easily with an acrylic paint pen and it does fit together rather well.

It’s just a shame it’s produced kind of lazily.

’70 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28¬†specifications:
Kit: AMT634
Skill Level: 2
Parts: 112
Molded in: Bright Orange
Scale: 1/25

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